Happy Taco Tuesday everyone! 

For almost the last 2 years, Leah & I have been dedicating Tuesdays to Tacos and Bracelets.

What started out as an idea, that was only supposed to be 25 bracelets, turned into well over 1,000. 

"Maybe The Best Hasn’t Happened Yet" was my mantra for so long. It came from my song Never Say Never. A song that wrote itself when I thought I had nothing more to say. Over the last 2 years, I have watched this mantra take off. Its become more than my mantra, its become yours. Your source of strength, and hope. That the best has yet to come, that there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

My bracelet was the 1st copper bracelet we ever made. It went all around the world with me, from stage to stage. It was my hope. If I was having a bad day, when a guy I liked wouldn’t return my call, when I was tired, frustrated, lonely, and confused, I could always look down at my wrist and be reminded…Maybe the best hasn’t happened yet. 

I got engaged Dec 4th, and shortly after that, I realized I had lost my bracelet.

Leah and I have made every single one of these bracelets from scratch, by hand and even I can’t believe that we have made over 1,000. Im surprised our hands haven’t fallen off! Ha! But, when I meet someone at a show, when I get the chance to talk to someone who has a bracelet, it is ALL WORTH IT. 

Thank you for sharing your stories, thank you for believing that giving up is not an option. Thank you for knowing you deserve the best, and its on its way. Thank you for believing in the positive nature of the universe, instead of giving into the negative. 

Because of this, I don’t know that we will ever stop making these bracelets, it seems silly to quit now, plus I get emails daily from people that “NEED ONE NOW”. 

In the meantime, Leah and I had another idea, we want to start stamping another bracelet, with another one of my lyrics -and who better to ask than you! So let us know what your favorite TP lyric is!

You can leave it here in the comments section or you can hashtag your twitter responses with #MTBHHY

We can’t stamp a novel, so try and keep it limited to 6 words or so.

The lucky winner (lyric we pick) will get a bracelet gifted to them. 

Let the brainstorming begin! 


Two lyrics come to mind…
"Can’t start a fire in the pouring rain"
"There’s always room to dream"